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Frequently Asked Questions about Trade-In

  1. What is the Best Buy Trade-In Program?
  2. The Best Buy Trade-In Program offers a convenient way for you to bring used electronics to trade for Best Buy Gift Cards. You must be 18 years old or older (except in AL or NE, 19 or older) to take advantage of the program. The Trade-In Program is not available at all locations, check to find the nearest participating store.

  3. What can I trade in?
  4. We're constantly evaluating categories where we can offer consumers a great value for electronics they no longer use. Check for current offerings. We only accept trade-ins for products that Best Buy has sold. The model must have been in the Best Buy assortment at one time. However, at most participating Best Buy locations, you need not have purchased the item at Best Buy. Some stores may have additional requirements. Check our online estimator to see if your product is accepted. We also offer free, responsible recycling for these and most other electronic products. For more information on our Recycling Program, see .

  5. How much do I get for my stuff?
  6. The age, condition, and accessories included will affect the trade-in value of your items. Use our estimator at to get an estimate for what your item may be worth. Best Buy uses our proprietary technology to evaluate your device and provide a competitive offer.

  7. How do you assess the condition of my product?
  8. Our employees grade the condition and perform a functionality check. Minimally for a device to be accepted it must turn on and function as a user would normally expect. A battery powered device must run on its own battery.
    Condition Grades:

    If the device is not accepted for trade-in, we can responsibly recycle it for you at no cost. To learn more about our Recycling program, see

    Important note:

    For Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices that use iOS 7 and above, you must disable the "Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod" before the start of the trade-in transaction.

    How to Turn Off "Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod"

  9. What do I need to include with my product?
  10. Please include any manuals, accessories and packaging that came with the product. Missing accessories may impact the trade-in value offered. You are responsible for removing any data from your device before providing the product to us. Under no circumstances shall Best Buy be liable for any loss of any data or media from products delivered to us for trade in or recycling. For help on removing the data yourself to wipe your hard drive clean of your personal data, see this video from Geek Squad®.

  11. What happens to the item I trade in?
  12. Your device may be:

  13. Why doesn't my Best Buy location participate in the Trade-In Program?
  14. Best Buy complies with the laws of the communities in which we operate. Some jurisdictions have restrictions that impact our ability to offer the Trade-In Program at a particular store. We are constantly evaluating how we can best serve the communities where we work and live and we're working diligently to bring Trade-In to our customers when it makes sense for us to do so.

  15. Can I trade in more than one item at a time? Are there any limits?
  16. Our in-store Trade-In Program is intended for the convenience of our retail customers and is not designed to handle large volume transactions.

    Customers are limited to no more than three (3) of the same product in a 6-month period.* Customers interested in trading units in excess of this limit should contact Customer Service here.

    (*We reserve the right to refuse any trade-in or limit quantities for any reason. These product limits are subject to change at any time. Please note that there may be additional product limits associated with promotions.)

  17. What if I feel that I should receive more value for my product? Will there be room for negotiation and feedback?
  18. No. While we always welcome and value feedback from our customers, our trade-in values are fixed based on the type of product traded in, market value and its condition

  19. How do I get started?
    1. Go to
    2. See if your item is eligible for trade-in
    3. Get an estimate for what your device may be worth
    4. Find a participating Best Buy location near you.

  20. How does in-store Trade-In work?
  21. Why do you collect personal information and what do you do with it?
  22. In some locations, the Best Buy Trade-In Program is subject to state and local secondhand dealer laws, which regulate the buying and selling of used personal property. Many of these laws require businesses to collect information about the seller and the purchased product and report it to law enforcement in an effort to reduce crime and recover stolen property. In some locations, to comply with applicable law, the personal information collected may include:

    For more details, see our Terms and Conditions. Best Buy may be required to share personal information in response to a valid court order, subpoena, government investigation, or as otherwise required by law. Best Buy reserves the right to report, and may be required to report, to law enforcement agencies any activities that Best Buy believes to be unlawful. Best Buy may share certain information when we believe that such release is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property and safety of others and ourselves. For more information on our privacy practices, please review the Best Buy Privacy Policy located at

  23. How does Best Buy deter fraud and property theft and cooperate with law enforcement?
  24. Best Buy complies with the laws of the communities in which we operate, and we cooperate fully with law enforcement. We work proactively with law enforcement to build good working relationships to deter fraud and property theft.

    Where the Best Buy Trade-In Program is subject to state and local secondhand dealer laws, we comply with applicable laws. This may include recording information about trade-in customers and the product they sell, reporting transactions to law enforcement, and holding product in store for law enforcement inspection.

    In addition, as a responsible corporate citizen of the communities in which we work and live, Best Buy has implemented across all of its stores a set of policies and procedures to deter fraud and the fencing of stolen property including:

    In the rare instance that a trade-in item has been reported stolen to law enforcement, Best Buy cooperates with law enforcement.

  25. How can I feel confident that my product will be reused or disposed of by a trustworthy party in an environmentally sound manner?
  26. Best Buy will attempt to repurpose the products taken in through Best Buy Trade-In through our Best Buy Secondary Markets channels and Best Buy Outlet channels. Our Geek Squad Service Center network will assist with product refurbishment and parts reclamation. For product disposal, we partner directly with a short list of qualified, respected recycling companies that ensure all products recycled through Best Buy are handled responsibly. These recycling companies meet our standards, and we encourage them to examine and consider additional third-party standards for responsible practices (such as the EPA R2, eStewards, etc.).

  27. How can I get help with my trade-in?
  28. Please click here to contact us.


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